Project of the Month

January’s Featured Project: RELAC!

RELAC seems like a very odd creature amongst all the other projects we have here at the Pro Bono Group. The project’s name itself conveys the idea of something laid-back, something idyllic, something out of place in law school.

Nothing could be further from the truth… or perhaps it is. The work we do is definitely serious: Raising Extra Legal Awareness among Children. We endeavour to impart kids/youths with legal knowledge on hot potato topics which they typically wrestle with, such as gang involvement and substance abuse. Yet the methods we employ to engage our target audiences are certainly neither dull nor dreary.

A RELAC group discussion

We could go on and on about the amusement we have while rehearsing for skits; about the joy we get from seeing the kids learn something useful from us; and about the nervousness we experience while facilitating group discussions. The two write-ups below done my current RELAC members provide excellent glimpses into what it’s like being in this project. The pictures below should also help express how and why we RELAC.

Our faces tell it all =)

 So if you like what you read and see, we are always open to having you join in the fun (and work).




RELAC members share about their experiences

Chan Yi Cheng (Year 1): “The students left me a lasting impression, and this further reinforced my belief that what we do have an impact on their lives. I was keen to share my personal encounters in the Army to help reiterate the ideas presented, and to aid them in understanding the gravity of such mistakes. As the sessions went by, the students participated actively in discussions, clearing their doubts, sharing their dreams for the future, and taking away the various learning points from each session. I look forward to returning to the school as each session ends, to just have a little more time to share, and hope such little effort will make a big difference in their lives.” To read more from Yi Cheng, click here!

Sharing a light-hearted moment

Thiam Jia Min (Year 1): “It was surprisingly overwhelming and heartening to hear [the teens] reflect on their experiences with levels of maturity and depth well beyond their age. We ended up being the ones learning from the teenagers’ experiences. This is what I love most about RELAC – the fact that there is constant interaction with people from all walks of life such that there is always heartfelt sharing and learning going both ways. It has certainly been an enriching journey for my friends and I as part of the RELAC team. We are all looking forward to more of these sessions and perhaps even more interesting initiatives to help raise legal awareness among the underprivileged in our coming years in Law School.” Interested? Read on more here. 

Presenting... everyone







RELAC is Full of Drama! Follow us on one of our skits to see what happens when 3 young boys decide to join a gang…

#1: A tale of three brothers
#2: Who joined a gang
#3: Holding up an innocent passerby
#4: Everybody was Kungfu fighting!
#5: However, the police arrived...
#6: The grieving mother
Writeup by Anthony Wong (Project Head for RELAC), photos courtesy of Lim Zhi Kang.