CASE (Research)

The CASE project is a research project targeted at finding out about consumer protection regimes internationally and also aid in the structuring of a legal framework to protect consumer interests.

The project is focused on the issue of prepayment, for e.g., Spa treatments, where a lump sum payment was made. In a situation where the Spa enters into insolvency, the consumers are technically relegated to being an unsecured creditor, and subject to the pari passu rule in insolvency. In order to protect consumer interest, this research project was targeted at creating a super-structure which will enable maximum protection yet at the same time not impose too much liabilities on the part of the Spa. International norms are also discussed and looked into to aid us in our analysis.

Members will be expected to commit 2-3 hours of research per week.

This project is currently pending and is not open for application.