The Pro Bono Group creates and sources for opportunities that will allow law students to meet the many legal needs in society. We collaborate with many VWOs, the Law Society and other government-linked organizations on various projects that aim to advance the law in Singapore in a variety of different ways.

Our projects usually fall into 3 categories:

  1. Research projects where volunteers research on salient points of law, critique the status of the law in Singapore, and if possible, suggest appropriate reforms to the law
  2. Awareness campaigns where volunteers educate members of society on various points of law
  3. Legal clinics where volunteers observe the lawyer-client interaction and learn about the everyday problems that laypeople face, while assisting lawyers with the general administration of the legal clinic. Depending on the legal clinic, volunteers may also have the opportunity to draft simple letters and other documents, and may also be invited by the lawyer to do work for the file.
  4. Internships during the semester and during the vacation, which are just like legal clinics but more hands-on and more intensive. Usually held over a 4 week period during the Dec and summer holidays, volunteers will have the opportunity to interview and do legal research for clients who cannot afford to pay legal fees.

This year (2008/2009), the Pro Bono Group will collaborate with 8 organizations. Click on the links below to learn more about the exciting projects that we will be embarking on and some of the previous projects that we have collaborated on with the organizations below. And if you should require even more information, contact the respective Heads of Projects.

Association of Women for Action & Research (AWARE)

Research projects that culminate in position papers/reports presented to the relevant authorities. We have also participated in AWARE’s legal clinics.

Transient Workers Count 2 (TWC2)

Research projects that culminate in position papers/reports, designing workshops, opportunities to raise legal awareness with foreign domestic workers and construction workers

Law Society

Includes Legal Clinics, Criminal Legal Aid Scheme and Media Unit

Femin Itjihad

Project aimed at researching into gender neutral interpretations of the Koran and presenting them in an easy-to-read format.

RELAC (our very own in-house project)

Skits and interactive programs to educate school children about the law

Lay Assistant Pilot Scheme with the Family Court

Regular sessions at the Family Court handling complaints about unpaid maintenance dues, a cross-breed between a legal clinic and an internship.

Singapore Association of Women Lawyers (SAWL)

Legal clinics at Community Centres around Singapore where student volunteers assist volunteer lawyers in handling various issues.

Moot Parliament Programme

A collaboration project with the Ministry of Education. Student volunteers mentor secondary school students, guiding them towards drafting a mock Bill and then defending it against “Opposition” in mock Parliament.

We have also archived the projects that we have completed here.

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