Project Law Help


Project Law Help (PLH) is a collaborative project between the Law Society of Singapore and the NUS Law Pro Bono Group (PBG). Our primary goal is to make legal information regarding Singapore charities and Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) accessible and understandable by those organisations, whom we believe play an extremely important role in society.

As the student arm of PLH, we work closely with the PLH team at the Law Society of Singapore. One of our primary approaches to our goal of simplifying legal information and making it available to the community at large is helping to produce and support the Law Society’s charity portal, as well as supporting the drafting and production of legal handbooks.

As part of an ongoing effort to make the PLH experience more interactive and meaningful, PLH also conducts training sessions and gatherings to engage all members and instil a sense of belonging. This is supplemented by small-group online discussions, where members work together on projects and provide feedback on one another’s work.

The newly introduced PLH Attachment Programme also enables members to go on attachments with VWOs and other community organisations to better understand their operations and the legal issues that they face in the course of their work, so that we can better target our research focus and ensure even greater relevance of the work that we do. In AY2016-17, we are fortunate to have All Saints Home ( come on board as a Project Partner, and in December 2016, five PLH members participated in a weeklong attachment with All Saints Home in December 2016. Our members had the opportunity to visit all four of the Home’s centres and interviewed a range of staff members and social workers from various departments, as part of an itinerary specially developed by All Saints Home for the PLH Attachment Programme.

Looking forward, PLH will continue to actively work on expanding our range of Project Partners and forge new collaborations so as to maximise our outreach, gather new perspectives to enhance the quality of our work, as well as create new and exciting opportunities for our members. We are presently working on launching a new multi-disciplinary collaboration with the Department of Social Work (DSW) of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) that will enable PLH members from the Faculty of Law and Social Work students from DSW to engage in mutual knowledge sharing, as well as potentially collaborate on projects such as upcoming legal handbooks that PLH is working on.


– LegaleSE Handbook Refinement and Review (continued from AY2015-16) –
please let us know if you require further information on this
– Website Development (continued from AY2015-16, with a somewhat new direction) – please let us know if you require further information on this
– PLH Attachment Programme (please refer to above description)
– Collaboration with Department of Social Work, FASS (please refer to above description)

Volunteer’s Experiences 

“I really learnt a lot from my PLH experience. For one, I was given the opportunity to do research and learn more about legal issues that affect many ordinary people in Singapore but which we do not usually learn in law school, such as personal data protection under the PDPA as well as Personal Protection Orders under the Women’s Charter. In so doing, I was able to hone my legal writing skills, so as to write about legal issues in simple and concise English that the ordinary person could understand. I believe that PLH makes a real difference to our community at large and we hope to bring it to greater heights this year!”- Samuel Ang, Year 2 member

Student Volunteers