Project Law Help


Project Law Help (PLH) is a collaborative project between the Law Society of Singapore and the NUS Law Pro Bono Group. Our goal is to make legal information that is relevant to Charities and Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) accessible and understandable by those organisations.

Our project aims to increase access to justice thorough the work we do. We hope that our work will be sustainable in the long run, and enable us to develop and grow to serve the needs of the community. To this end, PLH continually strives to enhance and expand the project to serve more beneficiaries.


Our key activities for AY 2017/18:

·       Drafting and editing chapters of our legal handbook which is aimed at helping Social Workers

·       Simplifying the content on the Charities Portal

·       Community Organization Clinics and Family Service Centre Workshops

·       PLH Attachment Programme (December 2017)

The PLH Attachment Programme enables members to go on attachments with VWOs and other community organisations to better understand their operations and the legal issues that they face in the course of their work, so that we can better target our research focus and ensure even greater relevance of the work that we do. In AY2016/17, five of our members participated in a weeklong attachment with All Saints Home.


As the student arm of PLH, we work closely with the PLH team at the Law Society of Singapore. In addition, we also work directly with VWOs, Social Service Offices and Family Service Centers.

We actively search and reach out to potential project partners to forge new collaborations, gather new perspectives to enhance the quality of our work, as well as create new and exciting opportunities for our members.


“PLH makes a real difference to the community. I really learnt a lot from my PLH experience. I had the opportunity to research on legal issues that affect many people in Singapore but which we do not usually learn in law school. In doing so, I was able to hone my legal writing skills, so as to write about legal issues in simple and concise English that the ordinary person could understand.”

– Samuel Ang


·       Members can expect to attend about four project meetings in AY 2017/18 (two in each semester). Additionally, members will work in assigned groups to conduct research as well as to draft and edit legal content.

·       Opportunities will be available for members to attend Community Organization Clinics and Family Service Centre Workshops as and when they are available.

·       Lastly, members are strongly encouraged to join the PLH Attachment Programme in December.

For more details or enquires about our project, please email us at

plh 1

PLH Members presenting their work to Law Society Pro Bono Services (May 2017) 


PLH Members during their attachment at All Saints Home (December 2016)