Pro Bono T-shirt!

Hi Pro Bono members, we’re designing an NUS Pro Bono T-shirt! Orders will be available soon.

Pro Bono Tee Mockup
Final design for the T-shirt!


Previous design




T-shirt front and back

U2 can go Pro Bono
A closeup of the heart logo

2 thoughts on “Pro Bono T-shirt!

  1. The heart logo is very well designed! Since the logo is the distinguishing feature of the t-shirt, it would be even better to have it occupy a bigger portion of the tshirt and correspond to the actual heart position (slightly lower down the tshirt sample provided here)

    And at the back of the t-shirt, we can have the nus pro bono logo (at the tip of the t-shirt around the neck region) instead of “do you pro bono?”

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