Sharing Projects

What’s in store for January 2011!

RELAC has an upcoming performance on Tuesday 1st Februay, from 9.45am to 10.45am, where they will be sharing with youths at Northlight School on “Shoplifting & Vandalism”. It’s been three months since the group was last there and they are real eager to go back and meet the kids!

UCF (the University Court Friends scheme) is starting this Monday (24 January), where members will be volunteering at the Crime Registry, the Small Claims Tribunal, and the Family Court, for a duration of 9 weeks till 25 March.

Mediation Opportunities: The NUS Pro Bono Group aims to conduct a 2-day intensive course on the techniques of mediation. The course will be conducted by Professor Lim Lei Theng, and is tentatively scheduled for Sat 22 Jan and Fri 28 Jan. This mediation training is conducted with a view towards our volunteers helping out in events like the MOE Peacemakers workshops and the EMCC-NUS Residential programme.

MPP – the Moot Parliament Programme had an introductory session on 12 January 2011, where members of the NUS Pro Bono Group gave presentations on some issues Singapore faces today, and how the law could be amended or improved to deal with those issues – for example,  a possible Nuclear Power Act, or amending the Maintenance of Parents Act.

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