Elections 14/15



19 MARCH 2014,



Applications for the NUS Pro Bono Group Executive Committee 2014/2015 are now officially open!
You can submit your applications at tinyurl.com/pbgelections!

Should you wish to find out more about the different positions, check out our latest issue of the Pro Bono Scoop here.

Important Dates
Application Deadline: 15 March 2014 (Saturday), 2359.

19 March 2014 (Wednesday),
1300 – 1600
Staff Lounge, Block B, Level 2

Demystifying the Selection Process

Overall Philosophy
We will strive to admit as many willing leaders as we can. Don’t hesitate to apply just because you fear being unelected. Regardless of which position you apply for, every role is connected by the common goal of serving others. There will be at least 16 positions available in the Exco, and it is more likely than not that you will find somewhere to serve.

President & Vice-President
Interested candidates will be given the opportunity to speak to the Pro Bono Group for up to 4 minutes on 19th March. You will have the freedom to decide whether to rally for votes or simply share more about yourself. After all the Presidential candidates have spoken, there will be a Q&A session. Voting by secret ballot will then commence, and the Returning Officer will tally the votes and declare the winner. In the interests of avoiding needless embarrassment, we will only announce the identities of the top two candidates. Should the votes be very close with no large majority, a second round of voting by show of hands will commence to decide between the top two candidates. The President will then be declared, and unsuccessful candidates can contest the Vice-President role if so indicated.

Vice-Presidential candidates who did not apply to be President will then be allowed to speak. The role of Vice-President is different from that of President, and it is perfectly fine to apply for Vice-President and without applying for President. A Q&A session involving all the Vice-Presidential candidates will begin. Voting by secret ballot will commence in the same manner as before, and the Vice-President will be declared.

Other Positions
The other positions available include

(1) Secretary

(2) Treasurer

(3) Project Development Director

(4) Events Director*

(5) Publicity Director

(6) Students for Migrants Directors x 2

(7) Moot Parliament Programme Director

(8) Project Law Help Director

(9) LEAP Director

(10) Legal Research Director

(11) Legal Clinics Directors x 2

(12) University Court Friends Directors x 2

*This year, the Events Director will have the opportunity to play a leadership role in the organising of the 3rd Southeast Asia Pro Bono Conference happening in early October 2014 http://www.babseacle.org/articles/pro-bono-conference-singapore/.

These positions will be allocated based on an Interview process which will be conducted from 20th March to 28th March, by the previous Exco together with the new President and Vice-President. We will strive to effect your preferences, but will decide appointments based on the interest of the Group.

All selected candidates will be encouraged to keep 5th May 2014 free so as to attend an Internal Handing & Taking over event.

Why apply?
Of course, the biggest motivation should be a desire to serve and a sense of identification with the ethos of our Group. Nevertheless, it is perfectly fine to want to boost your CV and differentiate yourself, provided you are willing and able to serve. We are still having discussions with the Pro Bono Office as to the official recognition that Exco members will get, but you can rest assured that there will be some.

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