Exco AY 2017/18

Executive Committee

President – Jonathan Tan Ming En (jon-athan95@hotmail.com)

Vice-President (External) – Li Xingyi (xing8yi@gmail.com)

Vice-President (Internal) – Jeremy Koo (jeremykjc@outlook.com)

Treasurer – Sophia Yew (sophia_yew1997@yahoo.com.sg)

Secretary – Megan Chua  (meganchuawenqing@gmail.com)

Communications Director – Joelle Loy (joelleleq@gmail.com)

Publicity Directors – Natalie Ng (natalie.ng160@gmail.com) and Goh Qiqing (elemental.rinoa@gmail.com)

Event Directors – Chloe Chua Kay Ee (tvbqueen@gmail.com) and Daniel Ho (daniel_hzy@yahoo.com)

Project Directors

Litigants- in Person

  • Legal Clinics – Low Ziron (naughtron@hotmail.com), Huang Yanxi (yanxi.huang@gmail.com) and Shao Yinuo (shao.yinuo@yahoo.com)
  • University Court Friends (UCF) – Priyan Their (tpriyant@hotmail.com) and Benjamin Tan Zhi Xiong (tan.zhixiong.benjamin@dhs.sg)
  • Syariah Court Friends (SCF) – Tan Su (tan_su25@hotmail.com) and Valerie Seet (valerieseetziqing@gmail.com)

Young Persons

  • Legal Education and Awareness Programme (LEAP) – Wong Kaizhou (kaizhouwong@gmail.com), Khor Zhenyan (khorzhenyan@gmail.com) and Bryan Choo (bryanchoo11@gmail.com)
  • Moot Parliament Programme – Joan Chew (joan_chew96@hotmail.com)


  • Project Law Help – Tan Yuqing (yuqingtan01@gmail.com) and Jansheer Ahamed (jansheer2@gmail.com)

Sex Workers 

  • Legal Research – Ng Clare Sophia (sophia.clare97@hotmail.com)

Migrant Workers

  • Students for Migrants (S4M) 
    • Construction – Yu Kaiyan (yu.kaiyan1995@gmail.com) and Chu Shao Wei Jeremy (jeremycsw@hotmail.co.uk)
    • Domestic – Ow Ying Chang (yingchanggg95@gmail.com), Jessica Swain (jessica.swain.2012@vjc.sg) and Abigail Fong Jing Xin (abigailfongjx@outlook.com)