Project Healthserve

Newly initiated this year, undergraduates involved in the Healthserve project help out at legal clinics which assists migrant workers. Students also assist migrant workers in making their workmen compensation claims.

Firstly, students guide migrants in making their workmen compensation claims. They form groups of 3-4 for this project and work in groups. Students aid the applicant directly, with the supervision of lawyers involved. Volunteers can also call the workers on a weekly or fortnightly basis to check on their status and whether they need any special assistance. If special assistance is needed, participants can inform Healthserve’s staff who will then contact the relevant worker. Additionally, students also assist these workers to help compute their claims for MC salary which are being adjudicated at the Ministry of Manpower Labour Court.

Secondly, students help out at a legal clinic held every 2 weeks on a Wednesday night at Healthserve’s premises in Geylang. Most of the people coming to the clinic are Chinese construction workers.

Applicants can expect to volunteer fortnightly. This project involves a total of 8 members.