Project Law Help


Project Law Help (“PLH”) promotes access to justice to voluntary welfare organizations (“VWO”) by simplying complex areas of the law that are relevant in the VWO’s administrative and operational processes. We also provide assistance to the Law Society Pro Bono Services in the Community Organisation Clinic initiatives. 

Infographics Prepared by PLH


“For me, my PLH experience predominantly revolved around infographic making. In my first year, I was a member of a team within PLH which was tasked with designing the infographics which are made (“the Graphics Team”), and in my second year, I was a Project Director. In both capacities, I found this particularly meaningful, as the infographics are produced with intended beneficiaries in mind, such that there is a tangible, positive benefit by way of increased access to justice. Indeed, that the infographic we made on the Protection from Harassment Act 2014 (“POHA”) contained an entire chapter on remedies and injunctive relief (both of which may be sought in the State Courts by unrepresented persons) is a testament to this.”

Jia Rong