Project Law Help


Project Law Help (PLH), a project conducted in conjunction with Law Society Pro Bono Services (LSPBS), involves the development of resources aimed at providing accessible legal information to voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) like charities and societies. Our goal is to simplify complex legal jargon, to allow members of the public to better know and understand their rights, which we believe is essential to uphold an effective legal system.


Students in PLH can expect to research legal issues and responsibilities that VWOs may face. The product of students’ research would be converted into pamphlets or infographics, then sent to organisations for use by laypersons. Students will also have the opportunity to attend ad-hoc Community Organisation Clinics (COCs) hosted by LSPBS, wherein they will assist volunteer lawyers in providing legal advice to various VWOs, as well as possible internships with relevant community organisations.

This project combines the skills of communicating legal information to laypersons with direct exposure to the legal issues faced by organisations in COCs. Students will also undergo a training session to familiarise them with techniques to simplify and convey legal information to laypersons.