University Court Friends


As a collaboration between PBG and the Community Justice Centre (CJC), UCF helps to promote access to justice, by providing opportunities for volunteers to aid Litigants-In-Person (LIPs) in navigating court procedures (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).


In UCF, students will gain knowledge of court processes and will be expected to explain key information to LIPs who require assistance. In the long run, students will learn to provide LIPs with guidance as well as emotional support, which will in turn further empower LIPs to go through the legal process with greater confidence. Do note that:

  • Students’ role is not to deliver any legal advice to LIPs, but to assist LIPs on any matters which they may encounter in the state courts. 
  • Students need to be proactive when engaging LIPs; without expecting LIPs to come to you for assistance, you will have to actively seek out LIPs who need help! You will gain a more fulfilling experience that way.
  • Whether the UCF runs will be held is subject entirely to the COVID-19 situation.

However, even if you don’t get to participate in a UCF run, there are other opportunities you can take part in when you join UCF! For instance, students can expect to assist lawyers at OSLAS legal clinics, which refer to one-off 20min free legal guidance done by volunteer lawyers. These clinics provide immediate basic legal advice and directions to LIPs for their legal issues. Moreover, students in UCF will also have the opportunity to partner with our friendly peers at Alt+Law in the Legal Navigator Project! This is a collaboration to create a search engine and website for litigants to get basic information online, instead of coming down to court.

To prepare for UCF, students will go through a compulsory 2-hour Training Session by CJC and an Internal Training Session by the UCF PDs to familiarise themselves with the expectations, and their roles and responsibilities while volunteering under UCF. More information on the supplementary opportunities will also be provided.

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