University Court Friends


UCF is an immersive and fulfilling experience that allows students to go to the state courts. During this experience, students get to go to either the criminal court or civil court, where they have an invaluable opportunity to interact with Litigants-in-person as well as registrars. What students can look forward to is learning what happens on the ground in courts, something that is very different from what you learn in classes. 


“We both participated in UCF (small claims tribunal) last year and enjoyed UCF very much. As a law student, it can be very difficult for us to gain real-life experience (by going into courtrooms and listening to real cases), and UCF provided us with the opportunity to do so! Furthermore, we were allocated to very friendly registrars who heavily involved us in the cases, showing us the statutes and taking through us through their thought processes and also asking what we thought about a particular case. Whether it was listening in to how a case panned out or interacting with the litigants-in-person, we both learnt a lot from the experiences that we gained from UCF!”

Nadia Lee & Ng Ziqin

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