Moot Parliament Programme


MPP is a year-long programme conducted in partnership with MOE. It aims to educate Secondary 3 students about the legislative process in Singapore and how legislation can address important issues such as access to justice. The programme comprises of a series of workshops, seminars and learning journeys, culminating in each team submitting a fully-fledged bill of Parliament. Selected teams will participate in a moot Parliamentary debate.


“MPP is defined by the experience of the bill writing process with our teams. Being able to work with youth that are interested in making positive change happen in our society can be difficult, but is simultaneously extremely fulfilling. MPP has given me the opportunity to see the world from a different point of view, and interact with people with a myriad of perspectives and opinions. I have greatly grown from my time in MPP, and I appreciate all the new experiences I have gained from the programme.”

Ng Chen Xi