Legal Education & Awareness Programme ( LEAP)


The Legal Education & Awareness Programme (LEAP) aims to raise legal awareness among two groups of youths: youths-at-risk and youths who are interested in the law. By conducting workshops and engaging youths in discussions on the law, LEAP seeks to provide these youths a basic understanding of their legal rights and the consequences of breaking the law.


Students will learn a variety of topics such as substance abuse, sexual offences, unlicensed moneylending, and avenues to seek help should the youths or their friends fall victim to offences such as domestic violence. LEAP sessions are highly interactive as students get to engage the youths in group discussions, skits and games! The youths are also very keen on learning more about the law; sometimes even posing questions that we have difficulties answering! Of course, explaining the law in a simplified manner such that youths can understand it is no easy task! It will require a solid understanding of the law, and an ability to translate that understanding into clear and simple language.