ALSA Conference 27-28th May 2006

Panel speaking

Our distinguished speakers giving a talk on the importance of pro bono to all the delegates. From left: Mr Gopi and Ms Rajvant from CLAS, our professor advisor to NUS Pro Bono Group, Prof Helena Whalen Bridge, and our founder, Mr Joseph Wong.

audience at talk

Delegates crossing international borders to get together to understand pressing issues in the legal sector…including pro bono, detaining without trial, etc.

Q & A

Different nationalities wasn’t a hinder to the discussions during the ALSA conference. Those who had queries could easily ask questions without being afraid of unfamiliar faces…

Joseph spking at A & D

Joseph, our founding NUSPBG President, sharing his experiences from setting up the Pro Bono Group from scratch.

audience at A & D

The ALSA students in the Pro Bono action-discussion group listening to Joseph’s experiences. Perhaps we see the future president of the Jakarta/Bangkok/Japan/Beijing Pro Bono Group in this photo!

alsa member taking part in the discussion

From Japan to China, Indonesia to Bangkok, we shared with one another the state of various social problems in our countries.

hard at work

Even when English was not everyone’s mother tongue, the ALSA students helped each other express themselves in the discussion, building friendships along the way.

work of art 1

Troubleshooting the problems was harder than we expected…

hard at work 2

…but here we are with the fruits of our discussion!

grp photo

The ALSA Pro Bono Work Action-Discussion Group.