Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre (FIDReC) Collaboration


Everybody has financial needs – most of us require our own bank account and insurance. But there is a concerning trend that a growing number of individuals are becoming victims of financial fraud or misrepresentations. These problems affect especially the elderly, individuals from a lower educational background, and any other individuals who might otherwise be unaware of their legal rights (for instance, prior victims of misrepresentations).


Through this project, students will work on increasing the general public’s awareness about FIDReC’s role in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), as well as specific safeguards against financial misrepresentations (in the insurance industry in particular) and unauthorized credit card transactions. 

To achieve this goal of raising the public’s legal awareness, students will be taught the fundamentals of financial regulations, then apply that knowledge into organising legal awareness workshops for beneficiaries. To enhance students’ development, there will also be potential opportunities for students to be attached to FIDReC itself.