Syariah Law Friends


Syariah Law Friends (SLF) aims at assisting and providing pro bono work for beneficiaries in the Muslim community who may need legal assistance in any (as the name suggests) Syariah Law matters, from matrimonial to inheritance-related matters. Our activities in AY 21/22 include assisting Syariah law practitioners at legal clinics and creating easy-to-read guides on any Syariah Law topics! 


Syariah Legal Clinics

“Reaching out to new beneficiaries, working to maintain existing beneficiaries has been part and parcel of the job scope in overseeing SLF! Being able to work in close proximity with practising lawyers, expand our knowledge on a topic that is (unfortunately) not known to many in Singapore, is an incremental approach to providing breadth and depth to our legal education :~)”

Ellisha Khairi & Lee Jie Yi

Infographics for Syariah Court

“Although the research component for the infographics was fairly stressful at times, the infographics were useful and value-added to the resources available to Litigants-in-Person (LiPs) at Syariah Court. While it can be a little dry, the information is important and makes a difference to the LiPs seeking assistance.”

Ellisha Khairi & Lee Jie Yi