Syariah Law Friends


Syariah Law Friends (SLF) is a one-of-a-kind project, newly redesigned in AY 21/22 to focus on pro bono for beneficiaries in the Muslim community who may need legal assistance for matrimonial or inheritance-related matters.


Students in SLF will assist litigants-in-person (LIPs) in two different ways. Firstly, students will be creating guides to help LIPs better utilise the Syariah Court’s new online portal, where court documents will need to be uploaded. As many LIPs do not have adequate access to administrative tools to upload such documents on their own, SLF guides made by

students will provide clearer information and tips on how LIPs may do so at various locations across Singapore. Secondly, SLF members will also be actively involved in assisting Syariah law practitioners at legal clinics hosted by Jamiyah Singapore.