Building of Bridges


Building of Bridges (BOB) is dedicated to understanding and helping the migrant worker community with their legal issues. Migrant workers form a substantial community in Singapore. Yet, they often do not possess requisite knowledge of their legal rights, causing them to face injustice during the course of their employment here. We seek a deeper understanding of migrant workers from a more social perspective to better understand their situations, instead of just focusing on their legal issues. Law students like us possess the potential to assist migrant workers in one way or another, especially amid the pandemic. If you come with an open mind, you will be able to share relevant legal knowledge with them and become more attuned to their needs, realising for yourself how the law impacts them!


By organising online legal awareness workshops (hosted by the Migrant Workers’ Centre), students will help to educate migrant workers about their legal rights under the Work Injury Compensation Act and the Employment Act. These are two key statutory regimes under which many migrant workers pursue their legal claims. Beyond that, students will have access to attachment and internship opportunities at the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME). These opportunities will provide students with legal exposure to a government office and an NGO, and with hands-on experiences in serving the migrant worker community. Students may also be able to interact with migrant workers through an engagement session (hosted by Migrant Workers Singapore).