Law & You


FDWs represent a significant proportion of the migrant worker population in Singapore, and they have unique legal needs – for instance, matters relating to salaries and remitting money, or even resolving disputes with employers.


For several years, L&Y has worked with different institutions to raise legal awareness among FDWs, mainly through legal awareness workshops. After updating existing materials on FDWs’ legal rights to reflect the current law, students will have the opportunity to run the workshops via Zoom. This will be done in partnership with the Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (FAST).

Students may also have opportunities to offer first-hand assistance to lawyers by taking notes at legal clinics hosted by FAST in conjunction with Law Society Pro Bono Services, and to take part in an internship at MOM that focuses on the issue of moonlighting. During the internship at MOM, students will be conducting a study involving the key stakeholders (FDWs, NGOs, etc.), proposing suitable educational materials for FDWs and making recommendations on how MOM can reach out to FDWs.