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The Singapore Association of Women Lawyers (SAWL) is a professional body and a non-profit organization. It has made significant contributions to simplify the law for the ordinary person. SAWL is an affiliate of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO), the national umbrella organization of women’s organizations.

Some of SAWL’s objects are:

  • to spread the knowledge of the laws of Singapore and other countries;
  • to enhance and promote the welfare of women and children;
  • to advance opportunities for women in industry, business, education and the professions;
  • to press for laws for the advancement and protection of women and children.

Previous projects

Legal Clinics:
Student volunteers attend and assist the volunteer lawyers at SAWL legal clinics held in community centers, getting a chance to witness legal questions in real-life contexts and to observe the process of interviewing and giving advice. There have been two intakes of volunteers so far, one from August to January and another one from February to July. Applications for places in the second intake were extremely enthusiastic with many of the last batch of participants applying to take part again.

Commitment Level

Single session of 3-4 hours, once a month.

[January 2007] SAWL Seminar

Head of Project

Jorina Chai [email protected]

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