A Night to be Remembered

As far as Friday evenings go, nowhere are they more appreciated in than Law School. The 4th of October was no exception even though the Pro Bono Group was still in school for our very own cohesion at the Upper Quad long after the last tutorial ended. A good sky graced the evening and with the fluffy pillows and bamboo mats on the field, who could have asked for a better way to end the week and get together as a group?

As the crowd slowly streamed in so did good humour. Getting into the mood, everyone, courtesy of comical props and silly antics, realized a few digital memories at a photobooth foreshadowing the upcoming Halloween celebrations.


And yes, everyone means everyone

Professor Helena Whalen-Bridge opened the event with a speech reinforcing the significance of the Pro Bono Group’s efforts and how it is ultimately a privilege to use the skills we acquire in law school for the greater good in our pro bono work. It was a heartening reminder that we had come together as a club to celebrate that privilege.

Short and succinct was the speech, to the gratitude of the many hungry souls. The cohesion then started in earnest with the serving of food and up-beat performances by our talented peers taking us into the evening.

singerKenii took us through most of the evening with his crooning and ended off by telling us what the fox says

After many rousing songs and good company, the night soon came to a close. Judging from the sea of happy faces, it was indeed another enjoyable evening out on the Upper Quad.


A round of applause for the talents on show.

Though we come with a desire to serve and contribute, it may well be futile if we do not come together to enjoy the sense of community and be reminded that we are part of a greater effort that does not walk alone in our journey to inform, to be involved and to inspire. Here’s to another great year for meaningful and fruitful Pro Bono projects!

Written by: Ryce Lee and Joshua Goh
Photographs by: Leung Liwen