Pro Bono Cohesion


The Pro Bono Club held its first cohesion event on the last weekday of recess week. As per the usual procedure in law school cohesion events, the event proper did not start till about an hour late, a good thing considering the impressive heat that afternoon. The event kicked off with various non-emcee members hijacking the mikes to tease the ever-teasable Varian about his lovely new hair style.


Varian and his new(?) hairstyle.

The small crowd who appeared before the buffet meal started had much fun playing the well-thought-out station games, in pursuit of the 100 dollar Capitaland voucher awarded to the person who got the most points that evening. Games like taboo, blowing down cups with air from a balloon and pencil tossing were played. The members of the Club good-naturedly cheered and challenged each other to better their scores. The day ended with Hijazi taking away the top prize, all ready to treat friends to a great meal.


Hijazi (centre) looking happy with his crazed friends.

The feast started at 6.30pm, accompanied by beer. The large number of dedicated year 2 Pro Bono Members managed to arrive just as the food was about to be served, almost as though they were only there for the food.


Year 1s spearheading the rush for food.

Both years of law students then settled on the picnic mats laid out on the Upper Quad, to pig out and listen to amazing music played by Boys named Sue and The Dissenters.


Many thanks to Eunice Chiam and her organizing Committee for putting together this wonderful evening of fun and games, food and beer as well as music for us.


Written by: Shu Chin

Photographs by: Erwin & Zhi Kang