Pro Bono Group Registration + Presentation Slides


*All existing members are required to re-register to renew your membership and indicate your project of interest!

*If you are interested in signing up for more than one project,  drop the relevant Project Heads an email, indicating what are the projects you are interested in. Contact information of the Project/Committee Heads can be found here.

View the Welcome Tea Presentation hereNUS PBG Welcome Tea Presentation.

Pro Bono Group Welcome Tea 2013 [Updated]


So you’ve heard about Pro Bono, but have no idea what it is? Or do you know what it is but don’t know how you can be involved? Look no further! The Pro Bono Group Welcome Tea is your answer!

Join us on on the 14th of August (Wednesday), 11AM at the Auditorium and we will tell you everything you want to know. Our Project Heads will be introducing their projects. Find out what you will be doing and what the commitment is like. Ask any burning questions you may have too.

OH! And did we mention there will be a reception after? We’ll see you there!

Please take note of the change in time for the welcome tea. 
It is now taking place between 11AM – 12PM, at the Auditorium (Block B) on 14th August 2013 (Wednesday). 

PBG Launch AY 2013/2014

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Thank you for coming to our booth and talk at today’s NUS Law CCA Fair. Check out the myriad of activities in the e-brochure above!

We’ll be having our welcome talk on the 14 August, Wednesday, 11AM at the Block B Auditorium. See you there!