Hello everyone!

Welcome to the newly-relaunched NUS Pro Bono website! We feel that the vibrancy of the NUS Pro Bono Group is best shown through photos of what we do, as well as what our members have experienced. Hence, through the new layout and new content, we hope to give you a taste of what it is like to be an NUS Pro Bono Group member. 

We will miss you!

Bidding farewell to our old layout.

What’s new? Our list of projects has been updated, and do check out our first-ever featured Project of the Month – RELAC (Raising Extra-Legal Awareness Amongst Children)!  Interested in what our new NUS Pro Bono T-shirt will look like? Click here to find out more! Last but not least, have a look at events our members have enjoyed in 2010.

A new look

Dear readers,

The NUS Pro Bono Group is in the midst of updating our website, which will debut in mid-January with a new layout and content featuring our pro bono members in action! 

Some new features you can look forward to:

1)      A Pro Bono “Project of the Month” section, where we’ll feature one project monthly and share with you in detail what the project’s about. Read what fellow students have to say about the projects they’ve been involved in – the best way to get to know about a project you’ve been thinking about!

2)      A members’ corner – the “Pro Bono Room”, where pro bono members can receive constant updates on projects and upcoming events, as well as share their thoughts on their projects, and much more!

NUS Pro Bono Group EXCO 2010 – 2011