Pro Bono Week: 10 – 14 September

To mark the importance of pro bono work and to firmly anchor it in the local legal landscape, the Law Society will hold the first ever Pro Bono Week.  Held from 10 – 14 September 2012, Pro Bono Week aims to raise the profile of pro bono work amongst members of the legal community, and to give lawyers in Singapore a comprehensive overview of pro bono volunteer opportunities with the various organisations and agencies serving the community.

Events held over the course of the week will:

  • Celebrate the diversity of pro bono programmes currently run by law practices;
  • Launch the Law Society’s Pro Bono Guide for Law Practices;
  • Launch the new Pro Bono Services Office (PBSO) website;
  • Launch a new video highlighting the good that our volunteer lawyers bring to the community.

NUS-SMU Intervarsity Debate

“Pro Bono Work Should Be Made Compulsory For All Lawyers”

The inaugural NUS-SMU Intervarsity Debate will have each varsity being represented by 2 students with the third debater to be anyone from the legal fraternity, selected by each team. The event is intended to bring together law undergraduates and practitioners in a spirit of learning and mentorship.

Moderator: Adrian Tan

Day & Date: Monday, 10 Sep 12 from 6pm – 8pm
Venue: The Law Society, Conference Room (Level 2)

Corporate Law Pro Bono Publico – Corporate Engagement For The Non Profit Organisations (NPOs)

A session intended for corporate lawyers and representatives from non-profit organisations (NPOs) to showcase the types of pro bono work that have been done and can be rendered to this sector, either through the Community Organisation Clinic and/or Project Law Help.

Day & Date: Wednesday, 12 Sep 12 from 6pm – 8pm
Venue: The Law Society, Conference Room (Level 2)

Launch of Website & Pro Bono Guide For Law Practices

Communities of Practise (CoP)

Aside from the launch of the Pro Bono Guide for Law Practices and the revamped Pro Bono Services Website on this day, there will be a Community of Practise for pro bono legal assistance which comprises of “a network of people who share a common interest in a specific area of knowledge (and) are willing to work and learn together over a period of time to develop and share that knowledge”.

Mr Wong Meng Meng is the Guest of Honour for this event.

Day & Date: Friday, 14 Sep 12 from 4:30pm – 6pm
Venue: The Law Society, Conference Room (Level 2)