A Look Back At Welcome Tea 2011

On 19 August 2011, the NUS Law Pro Bono Group warmly welcomed the incoming batch of freshmen into the Pro Bono Group. In accordance with our catchphrase “It feels good to do good”, the freshmen were introduced to the various projects under the Pro Bono umbrella and the many ways in which the projects leave a lasting and positive impact upon all participants.

The welcome session started off with an opening address by our President, Chan Yi Cheng, where an overview of the Group was provided. The freshmen were introduced to the various milestones of the Group as well as the current members of the Executive Committee. Next, the project Heads took the stand and briefed the freshmen on the requirements of their respective projects and shared their myriad experiences while on the job.

After the talks, the freshmen mingled with the seniors over a spread of delicious food and drinks contributing to a lively atmosphere in the room. Lines formed as the freshmen queued to sign up for the various projects in which they were interested in.

In all, 150 students signed up across 6 projects as well as to be part of the Events and Publicity committees. It was a good start to the academic year of 2011/2012.


[Erratum: We previously posted that 79 students signed up for the projects. The correct figure is 150 students.]