It Feels Good to Do Good – CCA Fair and Talk

2 August, 2011 marked the day of CCA Fair, the day when Pro Bono Group, among other sub-clubs, set up its booth at Upper Quad. With the motto (“To inform, to involve, to inspire”) and a beautiful chandelier decorating the back, the booth had plenty to offer to freshies. They could enjoy our promotion video, read the published result of our research (Teens and the Law), and admire the plaques presented to the Pro Bono Group. What’s more, members of Exco 2001/12 helped the freshies fill out the registration forms, explained to them what Pro Bono Group does and gave out free sweets! All in all, it was a good opportunity to mingle and have fun.

Pro Bono at CCA Fair 2011

In the mean time, at SR 2-2, representatives from the sub-clubs held talks to explain to the freshies what each sub-club does. For Pro Bono Group, our President, Chan Yi Cheng, gave the talk. He briefly outlined the projects undertaken by our group such as RELAC and UCF. More importantly, he emphasized the significance of doing pro bono work, which is that it helps a law student to not lose focus of the reason for studying law: to help people, to do good.

Yi Cheng talks
Yi Cheng gives a talk about NUS Pro Bono

At the end of the day, it was estimated that approximately 120 students signed up at our booth. The high number of students who registered must be reflective of the general agreement with our catchphrase (“It feels good to do good”) and willingness of the freshies to do good. If this enthusiasm lives on till Welcome Tea and then the various projects, the future of Pro Bono Group is surely bright!

Written by: Lee In Hae