Hello everyone!

Welcome to the newly-relaunched NUS Pro Bono website! We feel that the vibrancy of the NUS Pro Bono Group is best shown through photos of what we do, as well as what our members have experienced. Hence, through the new layout and new content, we hope to give you a taste of what it is like to be an NUS Pro Bono Group member. 

We will miss you!
Bidding farewell to our old layout.

What’s new? Our list of projects has been updated, and do check out our first-ever featured Project of the Month – RELAC (Raising Extra-Legal Awareness Amongst Children)!  Interested in what our new NUS Pro Bono T-shirt will look like? Click here to find out more! Last but not least, have a look at events our members have enjoyed in 2010.

One thought on “Relaunch!

  1. In the UK, medical sttdenus do get to sit on the interview panel. Where I studied, the scores that the student interviewer gives does not directly affect the interviewee, although the student interviewer’s opinions are heard.I think it is a good learning experience for the student to sit at the other end of the table, to get insight from the interviewer’s perspective and to learn the thought processes and the analytical skills that are required in selection process. Yes, obvious, but often forgotten. This in turn also helps make the selection process more open – to both the current batch of sttdenus and the hopeful batch of medical-sttdenus wannabees.It also benefits the interviewers as a younger member of the interviewer panel often (although not always) injects some life and an alternative view to the rather tedious and sometimes boring lengthy boring interview days.The questions that the student interviewers would often revolve round medical school life/social life so to tease out the non-academic attributes of the candidate. Examples would include: “how would you see yourself contributing to the medical school?”, or questions revolving round sports/societies. My two pence worth.

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